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You can find all instrumental EP or albums as well as collaborations with legendary underground rappers, Reef the Lost Cauze, Slaine, Celph Titled, Majik Most, Louis Logic, A-F-R-O, Chris Rivers, Eto, Milano Constantine, Ransom, Pacewon, Ren Thomas, The Soloist & Chino XL.

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Instrumental album “Making Beats on Namek”

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17 boom bap hip-hop beats!

The legend says that if you listen to this album enough times you will be able to perform Piccolo’s legendary makankōsappō..


Making Beats on Namek” Tracklist:

01 – Green Planet

02 – Meditation Equals Power

03 – The Grand Elder Record Collection

04 – No Women No Problem

05 – Namekian delicatessen

06 – Origins

07 – Namekian Drum machine

08 – Power Boost

09 – The Eternal Adventure

10 – Training Room

11 – The magic sampler

12 – Channel your anger

13 – Call the Dragon

14 – Eat your Greens

15 – Identity

16 – Level Up

17 – The Final Test

“Cold Turkey”


Reef the Lost Cauze 



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3 Course Meal

3 tracks instrumental EP

Exclusively on Bandcamp

Click here 👇

“3 Course Meal” short film announcement


with Celph Titled, Majik Most and Louis Logic

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Vainglorious Bastards, produced by Ortist Music – featuring Celph Titled, Majik Most and Louis Logic

“The last time that we had a chance to hear those 3 on the same track it was back in 2003. Years have passed and fans have been left wondering if they’ll ever have the chance to hear the trio again.
Well thanks to Ortist Music, the wait is now over! We can be grateful that not only has he managed to reunite the Mother Molesters MCs, but the track will definitely bring you back to the good old days of the Demigodz era!

Boom Bap Nation – full article here


Ortist Music first instrumental album “L’ilete Summer”

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My first instrumental album is out and available everywhere!


It’s sampled inspired and was made to bring back a little bit of a summer vibe while the temperature and daylight are decreasing in the North hemisphere!

So if you need a little boost of vitamin D go to listen to this album and  let me know what you think!


“L’ilete Summer” Tracklist:

01 – Welcome To L’ilete

02 – Looks Pretty Cool

03 – Love at First Sight

04 – Feeling the vibes

05 – Barbecue Party

06 – Hungover but Still Chilling

07 – I wasn’t Even There

08 – Early Nostalgia

09 – Back To Work

Single “Better Than You”

still available everywhere!

with A-F-R-O and Chris Rivers

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These 2 guys are very cool! And they are incredibly dope when it comes to spit rhymes

And as suspected they came along very well on that dark and fairly slow tempo beat, allowing them to freely rap from simple to double-tempo.

I think the end result is dope and I hope that you like it too!

If you do too please feel free to spread the word 🙌

EP All Good

in collaboration with underground US rappers



01 – All Good – Feat. Eto, Milano Constantine & Ransom

02 – The Bricks – Feat Pacewon & Ren Thomas 

03 – Life Goes on – Feat Tha Soloist 

04 – Bouquet Final – Feat Chino XL & Celph Titled 

05 – All Good – Instrumental  

06 – The Bricks – Instrumental 

07 – Life Goes on – Instrumental 

08 – Bouquet Final – Instrumental  


“All Good, has to be one of the dopest project in 2019” 



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