I am a French music producer, I have lived in London for 8 years and I am now ready to spend 2021 in Auckland, New-Zealand.

Musically my biggest influence is the classic 90 hip-hop era. Soulful samples, dusty drums, dirty bass lines.. this is my jam!
Nowadays I compose these samples myself for the very most of the time. It's a very different approach and requires a lot of work, but I like the challenging aspect of it! It also obviously make it quite easier when it comes to distribution and sales from a copyright point of view!
Hip-Hop remains my main activity but I also love to experiment with different types of music (mainly electro or soundtracks) and I'm having a lot of fun doing so!

Outside of music my professional background includes E-commerce, Customer Experience, Tech, and I pride myself to be professional in any type of business that I conduct.

I would be more than happy to answer any question or query that you might have, so feel free to contact me! (you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page)

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