I am a French music producer who lived 10 years overseas (9 years in London in the UK and 1 year in Auckland in NZ).

Musically my biggest influence is the classic 90 hip-hop era. Soulful samples, dusty drums, dirty bass lines.. this is my jam!

Nowadays I compose and fully produce the vast majority of my tracks. I have a few different processes. Sometimes I just compose everything directly while doing a track, but sometimes I would compose and create my own little bit of music, export it, and then still use it as a sample (chop it up, pitch it, etc..) in order to keep that 90s hip-hop vibe. 

I still use samples for some tracks though, but when I do it's always through some authorized and paid services (fast and easy to license). I don't want any problem when it comes to copyright and if you work with me you know that you won't have any problem either!

Out of hip-hop, I like to sometimes produce some electro and actually really enjoy composing orchestral instrumentals!

My professional background is Customer Experience, and I have mainly worked with E-commerce and Tech companies. I pride myself to be professional in any type of business that I conduct.

If you're looking to work with me of if you have any question feel free to contact me! (you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page)

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