License & Sync Music

What is this section of the website for: This section is for all the content creators looking to find the right music to sync with your project (Long or Short films, Advertising, Social Media content, YouTube, Podcasts, etc..)

How to license: Click on the platform that you know or prefer and follow the instructions given by the website (you might need to create an account with them). I recommend using Pond 5 as this is the most known / reliable service, but if you know or are already registered with another service feel free to use it.

Any questions or special requests please just email me and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible!

Fast and easy licencing:

The vast majority of the songs are original composition and I own all the rights (no samples or anything that would need additional clearance).

The very few songs that are having samples are already released on DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). The samples have already been cleared, and I do have the rights to offer them for sync opportunities (I will just have to share the royalties with the sample owners, the splits are aready agreed on) 

I still have all the projects and can tailor the music if needed (loop it, change the length, patterns, adding or removing drums, adding effects, etc.).

I am registered to a PRO and publisher.

Feel free to directly send me an email to explain me the specificities of your project. I can send you private links and discuss any adjustments to any existing songs or create new ones.


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