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Collab with rappers

Cold Turkey


featuring Reef The Lost Cauze & Slaine

Vainglorious Bastards


featuring Celph Titled, Majik Most & Louis Logic

Better Than You


featuring A-F-R-O & Chris Rivers

All Good

4 tracks EP

featuring Eto, Milano Constantine, Ransom, Pacewon, Ren Thomas, Tha Soloist, Celph Titled and Chino XL

Instrumental Projects

Namekian Delicatessen


Coming soon, release date 14th of July!

Making Beats on Namek

Instrumental album

17 tracks to help you find the Dragon Balls

L’ilette Summer

Instrumental album

9 tracks album that will make you live the south-east of France summer experience

​“3 Course Meal

3 gastronomic tracks packed with flavours

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4 weeks ago

Ortist Music
Those are random food pictures from our trip in London last weekend.I have lived there for more than 8 years, and the funny thing is that everytime I was back in France, people were asking me if the food wasn't too atrocious in London, if I managed to cop, you could see on some people's eyes (mainly older people, let's be honest) that they were actually concerned for me.I guess I understand that historically English food is not appealing for French people. But the truth is that not only they actually have a pretty decent food history but also that nowadays fine cuisine is very easy to find in the UK.But London? London is a whole other level man.. The food is absolutely mind blowing here, for all type of taste and budget. Therr is plenty of excellent Western type of food (and if you're French you'll find very good wine, cheese or charcuterie very easily). But more than that, there are all of those other cultures, Indian, Pakistanis, South American, Asian, Jamaican.. Where am I going to find a jerk chicken in France?Honestly I've missed London food so much, it was just incredible to be back.. I can't tell how much I love that city as a whole, that pub culture, the camaraderie, that international vibe, people's outfits, the art, all those vibrant boroughs...London I've missed you so much, I was so happy to be back, and quite sad to have to leave again. Hopefully I'll be back soon!.....#ortistmusic #ortist #london #londonfood ... See MoreSee Less
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