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So this is the place where to find the perfect music that will give your project!There is a lot of hip-hop, but also quite a bit of electro and even some more classical stuffs.
If you look for something in particular please use the filter included on the player. This will help you to find the right type of music, BPM and even emotion matching your need.
If you have any questions please check the FAQs and of course feel free to contact me for anything!


Why should you license your music with me?

Fast and easy

Only one person to deal with and I own all the rights for each track, it’s ready to go! Music licensing can be extremely tedious, so save some time and effort!


I will try to offer you the best price in order to meet your needs and your budget. Contact me and let me know what you’re working on and how can I help you.


I love what I do and I thrive to produce music reflecting different atmospheres to give some depth to your project.


My music is available here only. I offer you to work with me directly and not through with an some soul-less platform taking money and credit instead of the artists.


I do Music but I have a strong background in Customer Experience and E-commerce. Your interest is valuable to me and each query will be treated with seriousness and care.


I still have the projects for all of the songs displayed on the website. This means that if you need simple changes such as the length of the track or adding an effect, I can do that for you.


This is not a platform with thousands of artists where nobody cares except money.This is my passion so please don’t hesitate to share with me the final product!



Feel free to contact me for anything you need:
- Custom music request
- General feedback / question
- Website feedback
I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Contact me!

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