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For the House Warming, I am extremely happy to present you my first EP "ALL GOOD"

This EP features the heavyweight rappers Eto, Milano Constantine, Ransom, Pacewon, Ren Thomas, Tha Soloist, Chino XL & Celph Titled.

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"All Good, has to be one of the dopest project in 2019" UGHH Blog

All tracks of the EP "All Good" are now available

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01 - All Good - Feat. Eto, Milano Constantine & Ransom

02 - The Bricks - Feat Pacewon & Ren Thomas 

03 - Life Goes on - Feat Tha Soloist 

04 - Bouquet Final - Feat Chino XL & Celph Titled 

05 - All Good - Instrumental  

06 - The Bricks - Instrumental 

07 - Life Goes on - Instrumental 

08 - Bouquet Final - Instrumental  

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