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I'm Ortist Music, this is my place and I will be your host during your stay here.

The website is brand new so please take your shoes off!

There is still some little bits to finish here and there but you are now more than welcome to come in!



For the House Warming, I am extremely happy to present you my first EP "ALL GOOD"

The 3rd single "The Bricks" (feat Tha Soloist) has just been released and is now available on all music streaming platforms!

The 1st single (feat. Eto, Milano Constantine & Ransom) is of course still available, if you want to listen it simply click here! 

For the 2nd single "The Bricks" (feat Pacewon & Ren Thomas) click here!

Click here to listen the 3rd single of "All Good"

Life Goes On featuring Tha Soloist

3rd and latest single of the EP "All Good"

Life Goes on / feat Tha Soloist

IMPORTANT: The song is out but  promolink from my distributor does not seem to work for the moment. Please simply search "Ortist Music" on Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Itunes etc.. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the support!

Tracklist and release dates for ALL GOOD:

01 - All Good - Feat. Eto, Milano Constantine & Ransom > ALREADY OUT!!!!

02 - The Bricks - Feat Pacewon & Ren Thomas > ALREADY OUT!!!!

03 - Life Goes on - Feat Tha Soloist  > ALREADY OUT!!!!

04 - Bouquet Final - Feat Chino XL & Celph Titled  > Release date Saturday 24th of August

05 - All Good - Instrumental  > Release date Saturday 24th of August

06 - The Bricks - Instrumental > Release date Saturday 24th of August

07 - Life Goes on - Instrumental  > Release date Saturday 24th of August

08 - Bouquet Final - Instrumental  > Release date Saturday 24th of August

What else is new?




Ortist Music Gramophone beatmaker music producer hip-hop


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